Our Services

Independent Wealth Management

Smythe House adopts a holistic approach to wealth management, believing a successful long-term plan encompasses many different elements

Our Services

Independent Wealth Management

We work with an extensive network of external expert providers to ensure we can support and advise you on your overall wealth position, looking at the macro as well as micro. The comprehensive financial overview we initially conduct, and then constantly review, ensures all your assets are in the right place at the right time, working as hard for you as they can be. Your personal circumstances, requirements, expectations, and aspirations will develop over time – so our plan for you will be just as dynamic as you are.

Financial Planning

Ensure you are always financially secure, no matter what happens

Financial planning is about helping you make the most of your money and ensuring you are in the best financial shape possible for the future. It is not just about managing the money – it is about understanding your expectations and aspirations in life too and making a financial plan to ensure these can be achieved. 


Make sure your investments work as hard as you do

We strive to make sure your investments are working as hard as you are. All our members have different personal priorities and are at a different stage in their earning life, so we approach each account individually and create a bespoke plan. We look at short, medium and long-term investments and always consider the most tax-efficient way for you to invest your money. 

Private Equity Investment Opportunities

Access exclusive opportunities in IPO's, placings and fund raising

A lot of our members are passionate about business and innovation and are interested in investing in special situations/placings/high growth opportunities. We embrace this entrepreneurial spirit and through an extensive network of relationships, and our own structuring capabilities, we are able to bring to members a wide range of investment opportunities. 

IHT Planning

Our IHT planning services are designed for individuals whose estate will incur significant IHT when passing assets to the next generation…

Retirement Planning

It is never too early or too late to review or make a financial plan for retirement. Working closely with you, we will devise a long-term strategy and…

Property Finance

We will work with you to make the mortgage process straight-forward, saving you time, money, stress, and effort. We have access to hundreds…

Corporate Services & Corporate Finance

For members that own or run their own businesses, we offer corporate financial planning advice in addition to looking after their own…

Estate Planning and Intergenerational Wealth Management

Estate planning involves preparing your finances to ensure your assets are protected for your family and other beneficiaries after you are gone…

Philanthropy and Charitable Giving

Ensure that your generosity has a significant and lasting impact

Philanthropy is personal and motivations for charitable giving are diverse but, whatever your goals are, it is important to plan your giving. It takes time and knowledge to give effectively…

What Our Clients Say

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"Ed has helped me greatly in managing my investments and in preparing my financial portfolio for my retirement. He is always professional, transparent and ethical and I have no hesitation in recommending him and Smythe House”
A. F
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"I have been fortunate to have Ed and Smythe House advising me over a wide cross-section of financial affairs for many years. Smythe House have tailor-made many solutions for my requirements. Ed’s hands-on approach and in-depth knowledge of my financial and personal situation have given me comfort and confidence about the future, whatever it may contain"
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"I have found it very helpful to get advice on all aspects of my finances. Ed and Smythe House have introduced a range of investments while keeping a close eye on external advisors to ensure good performance. I would happily recommend Ed to others who are looking to have the trusting professional relationship that we have built up over the many years."

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